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As your business partner, Ascent OpEx, LLC is committed to delivering solutions that are designed to meet your business’ goals and objectives.  As part of our strategy, we feel that it is critical to engage not only your organization's management team, but also the front line workforce that faces and understands the daily challenges contributing to poor performance and who can drive organic solutions to success.


As practitioners of Operational Excellence we recognize that organizations may struggle to commit the resources needed to effectively implement changes that drive sustained results.  We offer the project management and administrative services necessary to produce turn-key solutions that supports current and future business demands.


Offering 30 years of hands on experience, working with line level associates to develop impactful change and improvement, Ascent OpEx delivers results that are tangible and drive bottom line growth.

Operational Excellence Coaching

Working with organizational leadership we will assess the "top to bottom" OpEx maturity of your business.  Armed with assessment results, we will introduce your team to the Operational Excellence philosophy, the key elements [Strategy Deployment, Performance Management, Functional Excellence, Process Optimization, Continuous Improvement and the Human Capital] and work to develop an OpEx deployment plan that is right sized for your organization.

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